The Turquoise Treasure Discussion Questions

•  The Turquoise Treasure illustrates the dangers of obsession. And yet dedication, commitment and enthusiasm are all required to achieve specific goals. When does dedication metamorphose into obsession? What steps can you take to avoid becoming obsessed?

•  Turquoise has a rich history in legend and lore. What did you learn about turquoise that surprised you?

•  One of the real treasures mentioned in the book was a chest buried by millionaire Forrest Fenn. Fenn penned a poem that provided clues to the treasure’s location and announced that whoever found it could keep it. He claimed that hunting treasure gave people a reason to explore the great outdoors and something exciting to do.

Several characters in The Turquoise Treasure, however, criticized Fenn for instigating the hunt. They argued that the treasure’s existence encouraged reckless behavior in amateurs and even cost them their lives.

Which point of view do you support?

•  If you had the opportunity to go on a treasure hunt, would you go? What would you find appealing – or not appealing – about a treasure hunt?

•  What was your favorite part of the book?

•  Who were your favorite characters? What traits attracted you to them?

• Just for Fun: The author uses the two dogs to provide comic relief in the book. Yet Rorschach clearly plays a major role in Kim’s life. What are the dogs or pets in your life? How do they help you cope with life’s ups and downs?

The Turquoise Treasure: Kimberley West Gemstone Mystery Book 4