The Poodle Who Sang Undercover

Top Dog Detective Cozy Mystery

What do you get when you blend Nancy Drew with a pair of wisecracking dogs?

A hilarious and heartwarming mystery for all ages.

The Top Dog Detective Agency was on the brink of collapse until Detective Bill O’Brian hired a pair of canine buddies with specialized skills. The furry investigators had a nose for trouble and a knack for cracking cases even the police couldn’t solve.

But when Detective Bill falls ill, the dogs vow to keep the agency afloat. There’s just one problem: potential clients can’t understand them.

With bankruptcy looming, salvation arrives in the form of a spunky teenage girl looking for summer work. To the dogs’ delight, Kimberley West understands them perfectly. The three team up to save the agency. With Kim translating, they embark on their biggest cases yet.

Can they solve the mysteries and keep the agency afloat? Find out in this heartwarming tale of unlikely heroes and unstoppable determination.

Packed with humor and heart, The Poodle Who Sang Undercover provides a unique insight into human nature and is a must-read for anyone who loves a good whodunit with a furry, four-legged twist.


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