The Blue Diamond Discussion Questions

•  Kim’s Aunt Emerald can’t tell the difference between real diamonds and imitation.  Even so, she refuses to wear man-made diamonds, calling them inferior.  Do you agree?  Why or why not?

•  Kim’s grandfather plays a special role in her life, offering encouragement and nonjudgmental support.  This role is often played by aunts, uncles or even family friends.  Who were the special adults from your childhood?  What life lessons did they instill in you?

•  Though Kim loves her family, she worried that moving back to a Osprey Beach would destroy her privacy.  Yet small-town living also offers opportunities not found in big cities.  Discuss the advantages and disadvantages to living in a small town.  Which would you prefer?  Why?

•  In The Blue Diamond, Kim struggles against her attraction to “bad boys” like Lieutenant Brockley and Jason, the fellow from her high school.  She’s not alone; women have claimed attraction to “bad boys” from the moment James Dean donned a leather jacket.  How would you define a “bad boy”?  Why do women find them attractive?

•  Psychologists have determined that people are better able to process information if it is told in story form.  Throughout the book, the author weaves stories about gemstone history, legend and lore.  What were your favorite gemstone stories from the book?  Which stories surprised you?

•  What was your favorite part of the book?

•  Who were your favorite characters? What traits attracted you to them?

• Just for Fun: The author uses the two dogs to provide comic relief in the book. Yet Rorschach clearly plays a major role in Kim’s life. What are the dogs or pets in your life? How do they help you cope with life’s ups and downs?

The Blue Diamond: Kimberley West Gemstone Mystery #1