The Antique Diamond

Kimberley West Gemstone Mysteries

Book .05

Meet Kimberley West, gemologist, dog trainer and reluctant amateur sleuth.

When an acquaintance lassoes her into joining a large wedding party, Kim figures the worst that could happen is having to buy an ugly dress. How could she have predicted that, at the very first gathering, one of the guests would steal the future bride’s antique diamond ring?

Now the bride-to-be wants Kim to identify the culprit before the groom discovers his family heirloom is missing.

With only two days to find the culprit, Kim must juggle the investigation with her busy schedule as a psychology professor and her bridesmaid duties – all while keeping up with a precocious standard poodle puppy.

And, oh, yeah, she also needs to survive a bizarre first date: helping an ornithologist capture some wayward, wily turkeys.

Combining her knowledge of gemstones and psychology, Kim creates a unique sleuthing style to tackle her first mystery.

The Antique Diamond: Kimberley West Gemstone Mystery .05

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