The Pirate’s Ruby

Kimberley West Gemstone Mysteries

Book 2

An ancient ruby’s trail of death leads gemologist Kimberley West into a web of danger and deceit.

When thieves plunder Osprey Beach’s new Pirate Museum, they leave behind a shattered display case and the corpse of the town’s busybody. Among the stolen items is the ruby amulet once owned by an infamous pirate.

The museum’s director – Kim’s long-time friend – soon tops the suspect list.

Armed only with her standard poodle, expertise in gemstone lore and insight into the human obsession with all things shiny, Kim works to clear her friend’s name.

In the process, she must confront the bully who haunted her childhood, dodge rabid treasure hunters, unravel small-town politics and unearth the secret behind a mysterious ruby.

The murderer strikes again – but this time the killer suspects a child might have seen too much.

As a hurricane bears down on Osprey Beach, the child disappears. With the police and first responders occupied elsewhere, Kim rushes into the storm.

Can Kim save the girl or will the hurricane provide the perfect cover for one more murder?

Written by an award-winning writer, The Pirate’s Ruby interweaves ruby legend and lore into a fast-paced whodunit featuring a feisty heroine, charming characters and a mystery that will keep you guessing. Books in the series can be read in any order.

The Pirate's Ruby: Kimberley West Gemstone Mystery #2