The Poodle Who Ran Away From Home:

A Grandpa Max Tall Tale

Book 2 Excerpt

Tucker the longhaired dachshund and Sam the standard poodle – the Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin of the dog world – are back with a new canine-buddy adventure.

Of all the dog detective agencies in all the towns in all the world, she walked into mine. . .

The door to the office slammed open. The slender woman who rushed in looked as if she’d been chased by wolves. Her brown hair hadn’t been combed in days; her eyeglasses sat askew. A torn pocket dangled from her untucked shirt. One knee of her jeans was ripped; the other was covered in dirt.

Her chest heaved as her eyes traveled from Sam to Tucker and back.

“Are you the dogs who rescued Benji?” she said.

Immediately recognizing the name of the now-free Afghan hound, Sam nodded. “How can we help you?”

“You talk.” The woman sank into the guest chair. “Angie said you talked, but I didn’t believe her.”

“Is that a problem?” Tucker said.

“No. No it’s perfect. You’ve got to help me.”

Breathing deeply, she added, “Eddie’s gone! And it’s all my fault!”

As she uttered the last words, she dropped her head onto Detective Bill’s desk.

Tucker and Sam exchanged glances.

“Is she dead?” Tucker said.

Sam sniffed the air.

“She smells alive to me.”

The Poodle Who Ran Away From Home