The Poodle Who Picked Pockets

A Grandpa Max Tall Tale

Book 1

Finalist Dog Writers Association of America

Short Fiction Award

The door opened and SHE walked in. Tall, blond, legs up to there, wearing a dead animal. She was class, real class, the kind that makes males of all species stand up and pay attention.

Earning a living as a private eye is hard work, especially when you have four legs.

Meet Tucker and Sam, the Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin of the dog world.

The longhaired dachshund and standard poodle might appear as an unlikely pair. But the canine buddies view their specialized skills as the ultimate secret weapon.

In their first adventure, a new client presents them with a case they can’t refuse: Locate and rescue a kidnapped dog.

To do that, the scruffy duo must infiltrate a fancy dog show. With an ideal client and a tailor-made case, what could possibly go wrong?

A classic detective noir with an unexpected twist, The Poodle Who Picked Pockets is a fun, short read that will delight grown-ups who are young at heart.

The Poodle Who Picked Pockets