An ancient ruby’s trail of death

Kimberley West never believed the legends that rubies protect their wearers from harm. Finding the corpse of  wealthy busybody Dorothy Tyson lying on the Pirate Museum’s floor strengthened her conviction.  The body lay amidst the shattered cases that had displayed a priceless collection of gems and jewelry – including a ruby amulet once worn into battle by the Gentleman Pirate.  Was Dorothy’s death the result of an interrupted burglary or was she the killer’s target?  When a childhood friend is accused of the murder, Kim responds to her urgent plea for help.

A looming hurricane

As a hurricane tracks directly toward Maryland’s western shore, the body count rises.  Kim fears the killer spotted a precocious child huddled near the scene of the most recent murder.  When the girl disappears Kim fears she’s heading directly into the path of the killer.

A crumbling cliff top

With winds whipping the rain horizontal, tree branches flying and Osprey Beach’s fragile cliffs eroding, Kim rushes into the storm to find the missing child.  In the thrilling climax, all converge on a remote cliff top.  Can Kim save her friends or will the hurricane provide the perfect cover for one more murder?


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