They’re teaching dogs to what?????? — 13 Comments

  1. My cats couldn’t even figure out that the hole in the door went both ways when I first got a cat flap. I’ve had smart cats who could probably drive a car, but my current bunch would be lucky to find their way out of the driveway. 😉

    • Jordan, thanks for stopping by. Thank your lucky stars that your cats wouldn’t find their way out of the driveway. Can you imagine explaining to your insurance adjuster that the *dog* wrecked the car?

  2. Lynn, I love this post. My dog, Pandora would drive to her sister Gretchen’s house (my father-in-law is Gretchen’s human). There, she would roar through the garden gate, hit the doggie door at a fast clip, and into the kitchen to eat Gretchen’s food. Then to the den to see if Gretchen has any new toys.
    Pandor also has no qualms about me paying for the gas as she stops at the pet store for treats on the way home.

  3. For Pete sake all those scientists had to do was watch old reruns of Lassie! We did teach our dogs to drive in case of an emergency, but the insurance company wouldn’t listen to reason and wanted to triple our rates, so we dropped it. The dogs said they’ll settle for competing in a boxcar derby and some off roading every so often! What a super fun post Lynn! It’s the cat’s meow! Okay, am getting a tad wacky. I better stop here before my whole comment goes to the dogs. Awro

    • Lynn, thanks for stopping by. And I love your comment about the insurance company.

      Funny you should mention Lassie: A few years ago,I met the current collie who plays Lassie at a pet expo. We’d been invited to perform with the poodle and dachshund above, who just loved the enormous crowd. “Lassie”, however, was terrified. When the time came for Lassie to run onto stage, he ran all right — across the stage and out of sight. Guess he was looking for Timmy. Or maybe wanted to go home?

  4. Awesome post! I love to hear about these scientists who do studies or create something just because they can or to prove the obvious. I can see it now. A dog is driving and sees a squirrel… LOL. Love it!

  5. My favorite example from the “Captain Obvious” science file is the one that proved dogs will only steal food when people aren’t looking at them.

    No, really. They did a whole experiment. People wore bags over their heads and everything.

    • Hmmm… Whoever did that experiment didn’t use a dachshund. Tucker (the one behind the wheel) has no qualms about stealing food in front of you. He’s fast, too. Makes for great comic relief in my books.

  6. I do not even know what to say. Well, except they probably got a research grant (proposed after night of binge drinking maybe?) and once they got it, had to got through with it? Because sober people would not sit around talking about how to teach a dog to drive. LOLOL

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