The True Story Behind The Turquoise Treasure — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Lynn,
    I bought all your books to keep with my current collection of precious books. I am half through “The Turquoise Treasure” and am loving it!!! So it is a nice addition to my collection. I have quite a few pieces of Sleeping Beauty mined Turquoise, 1 piece of Persian Turquoise, and several from the Kingman mine. So this story is very important to me.
    I did notice 1 tiny typo. King Tut is spelled with one T not 2 Ts.
    Your knowledge of gemstones is inspiring!
    Thank you for bringing us such wonderful mysteries.
    Maybe Kim will go on a quest to aquire America’s gemstone, the Tourmalene, or Oregon Sunstone next time? Whatever she does just keep them coming!!!

    • Ann-Marie, I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying the books. And thank you for catching the King Tut misspelling; it’s been corrected. Like you, I adore Tourmaline and Oregon Sunstone. They are both on my list for future books!

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