“A “jewel” of a book! The author educates us in her family gemstone background while Kim confronts a childhood nemesis and races to find the real thief and killer before her best friend is charged with the crimes. Accompanied by her beloved standard poodle Rorschach, Kim follows the twisting trail of clues while teaching us the difference between bright, shiny baubles. Reminiscent of Dick Francis who could take us into specialties such as precious stones, banking and glassblowing, all while writing his stories about his familiar horses. Or, in the case of author Franklin, our dogs. Don’t miss her many training tips for our unruly best friends woven seamlessly throughout the book.” — Karen Harbert: Author of the ‘Murder at the Dog Show’ series

“As a long time mystery fan and lover of all things that sparkle I was very excited to discover this series. And I have to say I was not disappointed. A perfect whodunit with characters you will love and a plot that keeps you guessing until the end. Could not put it down. Cannot wait for the third installment! Be sure to start with book one.” — T. Alion

“These are characters so real you want to call them up and visit. And get invited for dinner.” — Cheree

“You’ve got to love a mystery that keeps you guessing. Such is the case in “The Pirate’s Ruby”. An easy read with interesting characters in a beautiful location. If you’re looking for a new mystery series to follow, the Jeweler’s Gemstone Mysteries are a breath of fresh air.” — JA

“Almost seemed that I was a member of the family. I loved the poodle being in many scenes doing his poodle thing in a poodle way. Learning about jewels was a fun experience. Thank you for developing the characters in such a realistic way.” — Joansie

“For those who love a well-told cozy mystery featuring a cast of likable (and some not so likable) characters, you will love this book.” — C. Dunlap


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