Do you love talking about books?

Me, too. When book lovers gather to discuss their favorite books, magic happens.

That’s why when someone tells me their book club is reading one of my books, I walk around smiling for days.

I want to make you smile, too. Would you enjoy an autographed bookmark? If so, please email me at In the subject line, please note “Book Club Request.” Then let me know how many bookmarks you would like!

Because of my books’ popularity with book clubs, I’m learning to use Skype. If your club would like to “meet” with me by phone, Skype or Facetime, please send me an email, again with “Book Club Request” in the subject line.

Below you’ll find a link to a printable PDF list of questions for your group to discuss. I’ll be adding more fun stuff specifically for book clubs, so please check back.

The Pirate’s Ruby Book Discussion Questions (PDF)