Can you answer this True or False Question: After killing a dangerous enemy, you can hide the body by turning it into a diamond?

Yeah, we mystery writers pose the strangest questions.

The answer to this mind-bending query is true.

Well, sort of. Before turning the body into a diamond, you’d first have to cremate it. That might open a whole passel of questions when you approached the manager of the crematorium with a murder victim.

But it is true that cremains can be turned into diamonds.

Diamonds are made of 100% carbon. About 18% of the human body contains carbon. When a body is cremated, the carbon remains in the ashes. Researchers have figured out how to extract carbon from cremains to use in their diamond-making machines.

Sales people are marketing these gems as a unique way to honor a deceased loved one. Customers can send the cremated remains of their parent, spouse, or pet to one of these companies and receive a diamond in return. The diamond can even be made in any color.

Last time I looked, the cost for a single 1/2 carat diamond ran between $6,000 and $8,000.  Large diamonds (over 1 carat) like the one Kim’s cousin Tiffany wore in The Blue Diamond begin at $20,000.

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