Kimberley West’s extended family loves to gather for cookouts, holiday dinners, and, well, any excuse to eat. We all know that Kim is not the best of cooks. Fortunately, her family members are experts in the fine art of preparing yummy food.

In these pages, I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes. And, yes, dog treats are included.

Let’s start with something chocolate: A moist chocolate cupcake so easy to make that Kim can whip these up.

Now something special for the dogs in our lives: Rory’s Favorite Dog Training Treats.

Here’s a recipe that is truly unique: Grandpa’s Swiss Cookies.

Do you love tea parties? Or sitting down with a cup of tea, a good book and a special treat? If so, I’ve gathered together some recipes for just this purpose: Recipes for tea parties.

Please check back here frequently as I’ll be adding more fun recipes!