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By popular demand, the Jeweler’s Gemstone Mystery Series is now available in quality paperback.

The new quality paperbacks are 6″ x 9″ in size with oversize type.

And to thank my readers for helping to make the launch of The Carolina Emerald such a success, I am holding a drawing for a free signed paperback.

How do I enter?

Easy. Email me at Lynn@LynnFranklin.com and request my “Gems to Go” packet.

What is a “Gems to Go” Packet?

A purse-sized packet of bookmarks, descriptive postcards and ideas for sharing your love of Kim and Rory with others.

What do I have to do?

Just be yourself. Give a free bookmark and postcard to people you meet who might enjoy the Jeweler’s Gemstone Mystery Series.

How to I obtain a “Gems to Go” packet?

Send your snail mail address to me at Lynn@LynnFranklin.com.

Then what happens?

Every person who requests a “Gems to Go” packet will be entered into the drawing to receive a free, autographed paperback edition** of The Blue Diamond, The Pirate’s Ruby OR The Carolina Emerald – your choice.

Is there a deadline?

Of course. The drawing will be held on July 8, so to enter, you’ll need to request your “Gems to Go” packet before then.

Why July 8?

Didn’t you know? July 8 is National Town Criers Day. Before newspapers and the internet, town criers delivered all the news that was fit to print . . . er . . . hear.

So what are you waiting for? Email Lynn@LynnFranklin.com to request the “Gems to Go” packet. Be sure to include your snail mail address and you will automatically be entered in the drawing.

**Due to the high cost of shipping books, I can only offer paperbacks to U.S. residents. If the winner lives outside of the U.S., I will substitute a complete eBook set for you to keep or share with a friend.




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