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So here we are two months into 2013 and, for many of us, our New Year’s resolution to lose weight is starting to wear thin – even if our clothes aren’t.  If you made it through Valentine’s Day without cheating, congratulations.  You either have fabulous will power or are lacking a Swiss grandfather who stocks chocolate from the home land.Lynn Franklin, The Blue Diamond, Jeweler's Granddaughter, Chesapeake Bay

If you succumbed to temptation, fear not; you are among friends.  Whenever I kick myself for reaching for chocolate, chips or some other verboten food, I remember one of the bail jumpers Stephanie Plum had to capture in Janet Evanovich’s Ten Big Ones.

This was one of those cases where you really sympathized with the suspect.  The poor woman had gone nuts while on the Atkins low-carb diet, stopped a Frito Lay truck and robbed it by pointing a nail file at the driver.

When asked why he allowed a mere nail file to intimidate him into handing over his cache of Cheese Doodles, the driver said his wife had tried that particular diet.  He’d recognized the crazed “I need carbs” look in the woman’s eyes and knew better than to stand between a dieter and her needs.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I watched this very scene play out in real life.  The Frito Lay truck was parked at a convenience store in Chesapeake Beach.  The driver was nowhere in sight, probably quivering behind closed windows and locked doors.

And no wonder.  The truck was being mobbed by a swarm flock of carb-deprived seagulls.

Seriously.  Someone had probably put the birds on a fish-and-veggies-only diet and they’d finally gone nuts.  What else could they do but attack the nearest Frito Lay truck?

It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  The only mystery here is how Alfred Hitchcock missed this particular scene in The Birds.

So what about you?  Do you get carb cravings?  What’s your biggest weakness, candy, cookies, bread, cake, Cheese Doodles????  Do you think “do not feed the bird” signs should be banned for the birds’ health?  Please let me know; I love to hear from you.

I also hope you’ll pick up a copy of The Blue Diamond, the first in the Jeweler’s Gemstone Mystery Series.  It takes place in a small town along Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay and is one of Amazon’s top-rated mystery series.  If you like curling up next to the fire with a fun mystery, you might enjoy this one.


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