When’s the Next Book?

(Originally published in The Diamond Digest) So here’s the thing: I’ve always been one of those home owners who name their dust bunnies rather than chase them around the house trying to kill them. It’s not that I don’t appreciate … Continue reading →

They’re teaching dogs to what??????

One of my worst nightmares has finally come true:  Some idiots scientists in New Zealand are teaching dogs to drive. Seriously. They modified a car to bring the foot controls up to paw level, rescued three “bright looking” dogs from … Continue reading →

Skating in a Winter Wonderland

There’s something magical about those first winter months.  The sun shines, the snow glistens and the crisp air entices us outside.  Even when there’s no snow, our minds yearn for those Thomas Kinkade moments, cuddling in horse-drawn sleighs, zipping down … Continue reading →

Jewelry Store Book Party

What happens when you take a shy mystery writer, whisk her away from her computer and plunk her down in the middle of a dazzling book party held in a jewelry store? That’s what I was about to find out … Continue reading →

Of Dachshunds and Poodles: Part Two

In the last post, I introduced standard poodle Sam, the model for Kimberley West’s Rorschach, and confessed my humiliation when Sam decided to entertain the crowd at his one and only obedience competition.  Today I’d like to introduce Tucker, the … Continue reading →

Of Poodles and Dachshunds: Part One

You probably noticed that my lovely post about ospreys was hijacked by the peanut gallery.  So I guess it’s time to introduce the models for Rory and Al, the dogs in the Jeweler’s Gemstone Mysteries. Rory is a Standard Poodle … Continue reading →