“Fun, face-paced, charming and you’ll never look at a sparkly ring the same way again.” — Mary Buckham, Bestselling Author

“Mix together an intrepid geologist/psychologist, her eccentric jewelry-crazy family, a hilarious poodle named Rorschach, a near-fatal attack on a beloved grandfather and a perfect million-dollar blue diamond of unknown origin and you’ve got a delicious stew of a mystery!” — Dennis

“Great character development, intriguing twists and turns and a shocking ending make this a great read.” — Kelly

“The characters were so well written they felt like family members.” — Payton

“Diamonds, dogs, murder, romance, kidnapping and a couple of determined old ladies as backup — The Blue Diamond has everything I want in a mystery!” — Adina

The Blue Diamond took me back to that oh-so-delicious time when I couldn’t put a book down.” — toughcustomer

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