1. Lynn’s first-grade teacher predicted she would grow up to be a writer. We don’t know if this was because of Lynn’s proficiency with the English language or her propensity to scare the other children by telling ghost stories during recess.

2. Lynn’s parents begged her to consider a more practical career, one that would actually earn money.

3. In response, Lynn created a list of alternative careers: circus trick rider, rodeo barrel chaser, treasure hunter, dog trainer and pirate. Her parents shot down each one. They also dissuaded her from becoming a paleontologist (“not enough jobs”) or oceanographer (ditto).

4. Nancy Drew’s adventures — not to mention her spiffy red convertible — inspired Lynn to create the perfect career. She would become a detective who wrote mystery novels. This time she didn’t share her aspirations with anyone.

5. To hone her detecting skills, Lynn used the cover of a forested park to spy on her neighbors.

One day, when she was ten years old, she followed the smell of burning paper to find a grizzly-bear-sized man ripping a manuscript and tossing the pages into a fire. The man’s furtive head swivels convinced Lynn his actions were illegal.

Was he burning stolen FBI files, evidence of his criminal activities?

Peering from behind a tree, Lynn strained to read the mysterious document. But she was too far away.

She held her breath and crept forward. Closer, closer . . .

A twig snapped.

The man’s head whipped around. He pinned her with dark, evil eyes.

“What are you doing here?” he growled.

Lynn lifted her chin.

“Spying on you.”

Her audacious answer distracted the man long enough for her to disappear into the woods before he could capture and hold her for ransom.

6. To this day, we’re not sure Lynn’s parents would have paid a ransom.

7. Lynn never became a detective