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Welcome to the world of the Jeweler’s Gemstone Mysteries.  In these pages you’ll learn about gemstones, jewelry, American gem mines, mystery writing, shooting bad guys at the Writers’ Police Academy, learning self-defense . . .

Wait.  How did we travel from diamonds and rubies and gems, oh my, into the more sinister world of guns and villains?

Well, when you’re a precocious eight-year-old “helping” Grandpa transport diamonds and other precious gemstones from dealer to dealer, you can’t help imagining your role during an attempted robbery.  Dash through the villain’s legs and run for help?  Sneak behind the jewelry counter and press the emergency button?  Oh, to learn karate like the Hardy Boys!

Thus a mystery writer was born.  My current mystery series centers around a family-owned jewelry store located in a small beach town on Maryland’s Western Shore.  In the books, you’ll encounter a heart-warming cast of characters, delight in the legend and lore of gemstones and laugh at the antics of a couple of precocious dogs.

Anyway, please grab a cup of coffee or tea, pull up a chair and enter the world of the jeweler’s gemstone mysteries.



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  1. I really enjoyed all the interesting background of American gemstones and mines – and the story definitely held my attention all the way through! I look forward to your next installment in this unique series!

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