Countdown to The Carolina Emerald Book Launch: T Minus 5 Days

This is launch control for The Carolina Emerald Book Launch. We are currently at T minus 5 days and holding. All research stations report normal conditions. Research are GO!

Roger. All clues stations please stand by to give status report when called.

Gem Festival?

Gem Festival is GO!

Roger, Gem Festival.

Come back tomorrow to view more sneak-preview photos from The Carolina Emerald.

Countdown to The Carolina Emerald Book Launch

May 1 is almost here! Are you ready to read The Carolina Emerald, the third book in the Jeweler’s Gemstone Mystery Series? If so, please join me here for the Countdown Party.

Starting April 22– ten days before The Carolina Emerald is published — you’ll find countdown games, insider information and scenes from The Carolina Emerald. Each day brings a fun, new festivity. Join me in Launch Control to ready all stations for blast off.


Party Time!

Have you ever wanted to see your name appear in a book?  Well, now’s your opportunity. To celebrate The Pirate’s Ruby, the second book in the Jeweler’s Gemstone Mystery Series, Dickinson Jewelers is holding a cocktail party at their Dunkirk, Maryland store — and the winner of one of their evening … Continue reading →

Childhood Dreams and The Pirate’s Ruby

Lynn Franklin, The Pirate's Ruby, Cozy Mystery, Jeweler's Granddaughter Mystery

Back in second grade when I was penning my first “books,” my vision of publishing went something like this:  I’d awake full of creative energy and climb the stairs to my writing room — a high tower featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and magnificent views of a sunny shoreline or sparkling fields or … Continue reading →

Return to Osprey Beach

Blogs routinely contain posts from the author apologizing for disappearing for a few months.  I’m going to break with tradition and not apologize or offer excuses.  Though this blog has been idle, you all have been in my thoughts as I’ve scrambled to complete The Pirate’s Ruby, the next book in … Continue reading →

Ever see an osprey lay an egg?

Lynn Franklin, jeweler's granddaughter cozy mystery

Sometimes Nature provides the most amazing surprises. The ospreys who nest in North Beach, Maryland — and inspired the name for my fictional Osprey Beach community — returned early this year.  Being a fan, I lost no time in hauling Mom (visiting from Pittsburgh) to the boardwalk to welcome the magnificent … Continue reading →

What the World Needs Now is More Santas

Lynn Franklin, The Blue Diamond, Light Mystery

As we bid adieu to the holiday season, it’s often inspiring to reflect on holidays past before marching into the future. Do you remember the first time you saw Santa?  Was he ringing a bell in the cold?  Riding in a parade?  Ho-ho-ho’ing in the mall? I was maybe six years … Continue reading →

It’s beginning to look a lot like . . . Santa’s caught a big one!

The Blue Diamond, Lynn Franklin, light mystery

One of the things I love about living near the Chesapeake Bay is the creativity of holiday decorations.  The first time I saw Santa lounging in the back of a boat, hanging on for dear life to a leaping rockfish, I couldn’t stop smiling.  I mean, how can you not love … Continue reading →

Jewelry Store Book Party

What happens when you take a shy mystery writer, whisk her away from her computer and plunk her down in the middle of a dazzling book party held in a jewelry store? That’s what I was about to find out as I climbed out of the safety of my air-conditioned car … Continue reading →

The Fishermen

I love strolling the Chesapeake Beach docks on weekends, watching the comings and goings of the fishermen.  While the life of a captain is a rough one, the men and women who charter fishing trips usually return giddy with excitement.  How can you not share in their delight?     On … Continue reading →